2nd Postgraduate course in DSD

The second Postgraduate Course in I-DSD will be held on the 24-26 June 2024 in Stockholm. All healthcare providers and researchers who are involved in the field of DSD will find the course useful for their own professional development. Preference will be given to those who have some clinical and academic experience of DSD, who are based at a centre that participates in I-DSD/I-CAH/I-TS related activities or those who are at an early stage in their career. However, none of these criteria are absolute and the Course Steering Committee will judge all applications on their own merits. The faculty for the Course consists of a group of world-leading experts who shall cover all aspects of the multidisciplinary care provided in DSD.

To find out more please contact info@sdmregistries.org

Application submission for 2024 – now open!
Link to Application Form
Deadline for submission is 31/01/24 17:00 (UK time)

Course Duration & Content

  • The Course will consist of two full days of teaching and interaction and will start two days prior to I-DSD’s biennial meeting. It will be spread over three days and two nights.
  • All attendees are expected to arrive on the night before the start of D.1
  • D.1 will start with an ice-breaking activity followed by lunch and teaching in the afternoon and evening
  • D.2 full day/evening of teaching and recreation
  • D.3 half day of teaching is combined with the I-DSD training workshop
  • The content of the Course will cover several aspects of the pathophysiology, evaluation and management as well as role-playing of clinical scenarios.
  • Plenary sessions will be followed by ample time for discussion.
  • All successful students shall be asked to prepare a case. Before presenting, they will fine-tune their case in small group teaching at the Course.
  • Deadline for applications – 31st January 2024
  • Successful applicants shall be notified late-February
  • Following notification, applicants have two weeks to pay for their registration fees
  • Cases will be allocated 1st April 2024
  • Final arrangement communications will occur in early June.

Registration Fees

  • The registration fee is £120 and this will cover all course material, food and soft drinks, wifi access, social activity and the training workshop on D.3
  • Students registering from a host centre that is an active member of the registries or from a low/middle-income country are eligible for a discounted fee (£100)
  • Students cannot be accompanied by friends, family members or other relatives to the Course
  • Course certificates shall be provided following the completion of feedback forms
  • All course material shall be available on a password-protected website for the course attendees for one year after the end of the course.

2024 I-DSD Postgraduate Course Organising Committee

Sabine Hannema, Amsterdam, Netherlands (I-DSD Course coordinator & L&T Chair); Faisal Ahmed, Glasgow, UK (I-DSD Project Lead);   Christa Flueck, Bern, Switzerland (I-DSD 2022 Host);  Anna Nordenstrom, Stockholm, Sweden (I-DSD Steering Committee Chair, I-DSD 2024 Host);
Alina German, Haifa, Israel;
Angela Lucas-Herald, Glasgow, UK

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