Learning & Training Committee

The Chair of the Learning & Training Committee works with the Host of the biennial meeting, the Chair of the Steering Committee, the Project Lead and the Steering Committee to develop the programme for the alternating biennial symposia and webinars. These members of the Learning and Training Committee also work with two additional members on the development of the biennial Postgraduate Course. These two Postgraduate Course members serve on the Committee for 3 years (plus 1 optional).  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Committee please get in touch

Sabine HannemaChairAmsterdam2026
Christa FlückChair of Steering CommitteeBerncoterminous
Anna NordenströmHost of I-DSD 2024Stockholmcoterminous
Faisal AhmedProject LeadGlasgowNA
Alina GermanPostgraduate CourseHaifa/Bnai Zion2026
Angela Lucas-HeraldPostgraduate CourseGlasgow2026
Project Management Group
Jillian BryceProject ManagerGlasgowNA
Minglu ChenSenior Project SupportGlasgowNA
Fatma AshrafAdmin SupportGlasgowNA

Last revised: 25th October 2023