Learning & Training

This section will cover the learning and training activities supported by the I-DSD/I-CAH/I-TS Registries. I-DSD has been holding biennial symposia since 2011. After the 2019, the symposia has alternate between a face to face international symposium and a web-based user group meeting each year.

In addition to these scientific meetings, a Postgraduate Course in DSD which was modelled on the previous DSDnet School was held in Bern in 2022. The Postgraduate Course offers attendees with the opportunity to learn and interact. The next Postgraduate Course in DSD will be held in Stockholm on 24-26 June 2024 prior to the 11th I-DSD Symposium on 26-28 June 2024.

E-learning resources on DSD are available through the ESPE e-learning website .

Learning & Training committee

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