8th I-DSD Symposium 2021

The 8th I-DSD Symposium was held as a webinar on Thursday 8th July – Friday 9th July 2021. The meeting was held over 2 days and attracted over 450 registrations from 49 countries with almost 300 joining on-line each day.

Recordings of all talks are available to all centres that are active users of the I-DSD/I-CAH/I-TS Registries through the centre-specific folder that is used for data exchange; to find out more please contact registry@i-dsd.org

Invited Speaker Talks

Disorder of gonadal development – Olaf Hiort
Disorder of androgen excess – Anna Lauber-Biason
The activities and future directions of I-DSD/I-CAH – Faisal Ahmed
Sex hormone replacement therapy guidelines – Anna Nordenstrom
Single cell genomic atlas for human disorders – Roser Vento
Mapping the adrenals – John Achermann
Disorder of androgen synthesis – Christa Flueck
Hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism – Luca Persani
The endocrinology of minipuberty – Katharina Main
The neurobehavioural outcomes of minipuberty – Melissa Hines
Cardiovascular outcomes in XY DSD – Angela Lucas-Herald
Androgen signalling and its role in DSD – Nadine Hornig

Project Workshops

SF1 – Grit Sommer
Growth outcomes in DSD – Martine Cools
Quality improvement – Justin Davies
I-TS – Janielle van der Velden
CAH studies – Nils Krone
AIS related studies – Nadine Hornig
Gonadal outcome studies – Sabine Hannema
Studies of psychological care – Arianne Dessens

EACCME® has granted 10 credits of European CME accreditation of this event (including On-Demand Session for 3 months post-meeting)